Barcelona is full blooded campaign

* Project done with and under the name of TheLoveComes
Our client

The Health department of Spain and Catalunya and the City Hall of Barcelona.

Their challenge

In 2010 Barcelona hosted the World Blood Donor Day. A campaign was needed to inform the population about the importance of donating blood regularly.

How we helped

We designed an one-year-long communication campaign to promote the event internationally. The campaign was based on a catchy slogan: Barcelona is full blooded / “Your name” is full blooded. Everyone could both identify with the cause and support it: I am full blooded, Paris is full blooded, “My company” is full blooded and so on.
We also created:
– A campaign logo
– Partnerships with opinion leaders, brands and famous sportsmen like Leo Messi and Jorge Lorenzo.
– A Facebook App called “Blood Brothers” to find friends with the same blood type.

The response to the campaign was massive, the campaign was endorsed and adopted globally by both individuals and organizations.