• A full-service international boutique marketing, communication and design agency with a 15-year history of successful campaigns and useful ideas.

Creative emotional intelligence

We love to constantly rethink and reimagine how to improve the connection with each other, as a person, audience, brand or corporation. In ongoing changing scenarios, from the acceleration of digitalisation to the new forms of consuming content and information, we need to lead the conversation with our audience with empathy and emotional intelligence if we want to define a common and successful journey.

That’s why our creative approach is both flexible and grounded in what matters, now and tomorrow, to our clients and their audience, beyond services and products.


Brand & marketing strategy, communication campaigns, visual identity, data analysis and visualisation, digital, social media, content creation and training

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About Us

A solid strategic and creative design team by the Mediterranean Sea with an international network of highly qualified and profiled collaborators.

Origin: Barcelona (2006-2014)
Now: Italy (2014 - present)