Happy Peixe

Our client

Happy Peixe Brasil Participações Ltda

Happy Peixe Brasil Participações Ltd produces special vessels equipped with sonar and radar that guarantee the reduction of by-catch. Its projects include a training school for sustainable fishing by local fishermen.

Their challenge

Intensive and unsustainable fishing along the Brazilian coast threatens the biodiversity of the local waters. Local fishermen do not own the proper equipment to reduce by-catch and the attention of consumers to the problems of marine biodiversity is limited. Happy Peixe Brasil Participações Ltd saw this as both a challenge for the environment and an opportunity for economic development.

How we helped

Maraltro designed a communication strategy to spur local fishermen to adopt sustainable fishing methods that can result in economic and environmental benefits. We created a quality label to identify which fish products are caught in the wild or farmed using sustainable methods. A system based on mobile technology and QR codes allows consumers to trace the journey of the catch “from sea to plate”. Last but not least, a certification program provides fishermen and fish farmers with training opportunities to learn sustainable fishing techniques.