The Journey of the heart

* Project done with and under the name of TheLoveComes
Our client

Konka Group Co., Ltd

Their challenge

New Chinese law requires children to visit elderly parents “frequently” and make sure their financial and spiritual needs are met. In fact migrant students and works quite often can not effort to travel though the country to visit their families.

How we helped

We designed a multi-channel social responsibility to help migrant workers and students visit their families. The campaign was named “The Journey of the Heart”.
Konka created a digital platform through which users completed an online survey and shared their family story. Each week, the authors of the stories that received most votes on social media platforms won a ticket home.
Konka Group donated migrant workers 3,000,000 km (equivalent to about 75 laps around the earth) of free travel from October 24 to December 31 and helped thousands of people complete their “journey of the heart”.