Enviem la fam a la porra

Case history

Our Client:

Barcelona Football Club

Their challenge:

F.C. Barcelona wanted to address the issue of hunger in Catalunya by harnessing the engagement and passion of football fans.

How we helped:

We proposed and created a joint venture between Barcellona Football Club Foundation and the Fundacion Banc dels Aliments (Food Bank). The creative and communication concept was based on the idea of “betting for food”. Capitalising on the tradition of betting on football matches’ results to have fans bet against hungers. We set up an online betting game, similar to existing betting platforms, that accepted food instead of cash (i.e.: “I bet 2 packets of rice and a bottle of olive oil that Barça will beat Real Madrid 3-1”). The campaign generated huge media coverage and raised, in one month, 240,000 kg of food that were donated to the local food bank.

Campaigns developed by the agency named TheLoveComes (Barcelona) co-founded and co-led by Maraltro’s management team.